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Know whether you're addicted to social media or not.

  Whether you are addicted 😲 or not   Social media Do you use social media everytime, everywhere, is good but because of some facts it may for some people.      We use social media like they are need of us, such as food and water and get addicted to them easily. We don't know when we get addicted to social media.     symptoms of social media addiction Anger  Angry man Depression   Depression Tiredness Tiredness laziness  Laziness      It may affect your body as well as your mind, should not be used more than need. You feel anger as you angry on anyone around you for any reason. If for some reason you have not internet left or low network then you feel like a shit, you feel you are useless, it may affect your mental helath. It may lower the ability to think what is wrong and right. What are the advantages of social media? Motivation - You can motivate yourself from social media as there are many motors that motivate people for any field. Guidance - You can get guidance from the k i

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